Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

Do you suffer with any of these symptoms?
  • Pain
  • Inflammation

  • Low Energy

  • Joint or Muscle Aches

  • Anxiety

  • Brain Fog

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Slow Metabolism

  • Poor Circulation

  • Performance and endurance enhancement
  • Stress, depression and anxiety management

  • Active regeneration

  • Passive warm-up

  • Pain Relief

  • Faster Wound and Bone Healing

  • Inflammation Reduction

  • Sleep

Detail of available your services

PEMF can help

  • The Works - Full Body PEMF/FIR with Brain Entrainment (Audio/color/sound therapy)
  • PEMF Local Treatment

  • PEMF Spot Treatment

silhouette photography of person
silhouette photography of person

How can we explain PEMF in simple and short terms?

PEMF = Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields in general are used in modern medicine for a variety of defined conditions. Depending on the applied properties (waveform, intensity, frequency, coherence), the exposed field creates local health-benefiting effects around the designated areas, where the field is targeted. The use of low-pulsed and low-frequency devices is designed to create a holistic effect on almost all of the approximately 70 billion cells in the average human body. The particular principle of operation is based on the capability of boosting and enhancing the membrane potential of each cell with the result to improve microcirculation, metabolism, and ultimately energy production (ATP = Adenosine Triphosphate). Low-pulsed low-frequency PEMF systems are NOT designed to target and/or treat a particular disease, their potential lies in the holistic effect of supporting the entire body to repair and restore its self-regulating forces. Low-frequency devices are absolutely safe to use and can be also legally utilized and self-operated in the comfort of people`s homes.

Contradictions or Interactions

May not be suitable for everyone

  1. During pregnancy

  2. In the case of epilepsy

  3. With electronic implants such as pacemakers or insulin pumps (exceptions with the consent of a treating physician)

  4. Children younger than 2 weeks

In addition, the following so-called “relative contraindications”, therefore we name them interactions, need to be considered and must be evaluated by a licensed health care provider on an individual basis prior to a PEMF application:

  • Tumor illnesses

  • Serious cardiac arrhythmia

  • In acute attacks of hyperthyroidism

  • In the case of oversensitivity to electromagnetic radiation (EMS)

You have Questions
The Works PEMF full body Treatment Intro Special Session $49 (new client special only)
  • Full body treatment, see above for details and options $69

  • Package of 5 treatments $300

  • Package of 10 treatments $550

  • MONTHLY Unlimited $450 best value

    Spot/Local Treatment only

  • Spot/Local Treatment $45

  • Package of 5 local/spot treatments $200

  • Package of 10 local/spot treatments $350

  • MONTHLY Unlimited $300 best value

What is PEMF Therapy